Friday, December 31, 2021

Stop Looking for Happy Endings


I confess I'm royally annoyed. I keep hearing, "Done with 2021. Let's move on to 2022!" Like 2022 is going to be significantly different than 2021, that one manmade calendar date will suddenly change our lives. That ushering in a New Year means things will change.

That's a lie.

Life is life. Instead of looking at 2021 as a bad year, a year we want to delete from our memories and from our lives, how about we look at it as lessons learned?

Because what is 2021 but a year where we were challenged? How did we deal with the call to sacrifice, how much did we do to deepen our life? 

Because let's face it, life is not meant to be stress-free. Let me repeat that. Life is not meant to be stress-free! 

Life is a series of dealing with stressful situations, challenges, and obstacles that come, hopefully, in between good times. 

How about instead of complaining that 2021 is a bad year and let's put it behind us- to what did I learn about myself this past year? What did I do to cope? How did I change and did it work?

I had many good things come about during 2021. I hiked with my husband in Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon. I got together with my 8 siblings and their spouses to celebrate my sister's jubilee. That was awesome.

 I moved into a new office, one better suited to therapy and with colleagues who I respect, trust and enjoy. I became closer to my husband through serious and deep conversations, vulnerability, and honesty.

And I had challenges during 2021. I badly sprained my ankle and was unable to enjoy my outdoor activities for 3 months. I got exposed to Covid and had to undergo the anxiety of wondering if I would get it. We spent Christmas home and alone due to the Covid outbreaks, and our decision that this would be the best way for us to celebrate the holiday.

What have I learned? That all of life has its challenges, that I am strong enough to handle the challenges that confront me, and that life consists of constant learning.

How's that for a New Year's wish? I wish you a continued year of believing in yourself, that whatever comes in life, you can deal with it, with learning lessons from that difficult part of life that none of us enjoy.

Because that is my wish for you.

Happy 2022. May it continue your emotional and spiritual growth, help you believe more in your ability to handle life as it is, and bring you to a greater acceptance of reality.

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  1. Amy... your opening words echo my thoughts last night as the fireworks were banging and people singing. Nothing has changed but the picture on the calendar. As to the rest of this, we are much attuned in our beliefs. Yes. What more do I say but Yes.


Stop Looking for Happy Endings

  I confess I'm royally annoyed. I keep hearing, "Done with 2021. Let's move on to 2022!" Like 2022 is going to be signifi...